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The Palama winery has been based in Cutrofiano, Salento since 1936. For three generations the world of wine has been inextricably linked to the Palama family.

Fregi Nights (6 bottles)

  • White - Verdeca, Bianco d'Alessano

    Light straw yellow, fresh bouquet with fine cirtus fruit aromas, slender, fresh and dry in the mouth.

    Red - Negroamaro

    The region of Puglia is the heel of the boot in Southern Italy. Known for their spicy red wines, this red wine impresses and is spicy and dark-fruited all at once

    Rose - Negromaro

    Fine nose, with fruity scents of fresh cherry and red peach skin and floral notes of pomegranate and rose flowers. On the palate in the aftertaste there are sensations of fresh red and unripe fruit such as pomegranate. 

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